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bri garofalo circle
Bri went from "Shoot & Burner" to $150,000+ in product sales profits in her first year with Swift Galleries.
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Kate made enough in her first sale to cover 13 years of her membership.
ehoard 1
Elizabeth made more in her first 3 months with Swift Galleries than she made the entire previous year.
kJonesFamily 150x150 1
Kelly made $14,000 in a single sale (followed by a $9,000 sale two days later).
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Wendy got her highest sale since starting in 2015 selling remotely with Swift Galleries during the coronavirus pandemic.
Screenshot 20190218 0919092 150x150 1
Amanda took her sales averages from $150 to $1500 per session with Swift Galleries.
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Jessie sold $2,200 in wall art to clients who already had all their files.
Rachel sold a 20x60 canvas in her very first virtual sales meeting with Swift Galleries.
Izzy's first four print sales ever brought in $5,500.
Swaroopa had her best month ever - $6900 - selling remotely during the coronavirus lockdown.
KRoten 768x768 1 600x600 1
Kaitlin made 3 times more in her first 2 months with Swift Galleries than she made in the entire previous year.
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On hitting $100,000 in print sales since leaving Shoot & Burn: "No kidding... Swift Galleries has changed my life."