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Swift Galleries Success Stories

Photographers just like you – single moms, weekend warriors, “recovering shoot and burners”, part-timers – are using Swift Galleries to buy houses, pay off debts, quit their jobs, follow their passions and, best of all, serve their clients better while still having time for their families.

Kelly Went From a Borrowed Laptop to a $14,000 Sale.

Kelly Jones
Portrait Photographer, Naples, FL

Kelly borrowed her dads laptop for her very first sales meeting. Now she averages more than $3,000 per session, with her highest sale coming in at $14,000 (followed by a $9,000 sale just two days later).

Kaitlin Went From "I Can't Afford to Fix My Camera" to 10x-ing Her Annual Revenue, While Cutting Her Working Hours In Half.

Kaitlin Roten
Portrait Photographer, Merritt Island, FL

“I was practically at rock bottom (professionally speaking) when I was introduced to Swift Galleries. I was thinking I was going to have to go back to teaching in order to provide for my family. You guys have given me the tools to legitimately have a “work at home profession” and be there for my family – which was what my goal was all along. I’ve done countless webinars and followed so many photographers to try to get THE SECRETS to having a profitable photography business – but now??? I’m that photographer. So thank you!!!”

Elizabeth Made More in Her First 3 Months Than She Had in the Entire Previous Year.

Elizabeth Schneider
Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Houston, TX

Elizabeth credits Swift Galleries with taking her from “just another photographer” in her crowded market to one of the premiere, high-end studios in Houston.

Rachel went from "button pusher" to "trusted advisor".

Rachel Linkwald
Portrait Photographer, Atlanta, GA

“I took this leap new year of 2019, and thought I’d lose all my clients. Instead, my clients rave about how I value quality over quantity, and take care of them through to completion. I had a client last week place a $4000 order.”

Kate sold $2500 in prints, 4 days after joining Swift Galleries (to the very first client she offered prints to).

Kate Brent
Portrait Photographer, Southaven, MS

Kate’s very first print sale ever was enough to cover 13 years of her Swift Galleries membership.

Marc S.
Capterra Review
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What I love about the product overall is that they are vested in my learning and growth. They want me to succeed and have created an entire suite of products to help increase the likelihood of success. Love it!! I love the ease of use and the ability to share what images will look like on my clients walls. It makes IPS so much easier.
Laura G.
Capterra Review
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The interface is super simple and intuitive to use. Few clicks and you know exactly where you are or where you need to go to find your way around the software. Things don't need to be complicated to WORK!
Kandyce H.
Capterra Review
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Swift Galleries is the only thing about my business that I have kept around since the start. So far it's an irreplaceable tool. Affordable and pays for itself so quickly! Just sign up already!
Shannon R.
Capterra Review
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I love that the Owners are involved and continuously strive to make it better and address their clients feedback. I also love that if you have a question, they are prompt in answering it and will work with you until you have it down.
Brittany L.
Capterra Review
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Swift Galleries is a powerful tool that is not only empowering In Person Sales for my business but also improving my capacity for business which means increasing income via sales and by volume of clients too!
Jennifer S.
Capterra Review
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I have been using Swift Galleries for years and my clients really love it. It gets the job done, is easy and has all the needed functions for a smooth selling process. I love Swift Galleries!

With no credit card required, what do you have to lose?

Tommy J.
Capterra Review
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The sky is the limit with Swift Galleries! What sets them apart isn't only how carefully designed and well executed everything is, but holy cow, the customer service!
Nicole H.
Capterra Review
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Seeing sample products is great, but showing [clients] what they could look like in real time is such a game changer. Not only has Swift Galleries been easy to learn, it has given me a new confidence in my work. Proving that my work deserves to live on the walls of my clients home.
Marla W.
Capterra Review
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Swift Galleries has definitely made a huge difference to my sales process. I wouldn't be without it. Customer support is very personable also, they are real people, not a faceless corporation. Keep doing awesome job folks!
Jessica D.
Capterra Review
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My overall experience with Swift Galleries has been phenomenal! They've saved sales for me, helped create countless new sales, instill confidence in myself and what I do, helped me with selling and business tips ... and have been an integral part of my business as a whole.
Kaitlin R.
Capterra Review
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This software has changed my life. Seriously. Gone are the days that I feel like I'm not good enough. Using this software has made me THE professional to my clients. It's also given me a larger purpose to my business. This has been hands down the best thing I've EVER done as a photographer for my business.
Kristianna P.
Capterra Review
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Before utilizing Swift Galleries I almost never sold wall sized pieces, and never a full collection. Now, almost every client purchases multiple large pieces, and my average sale has tripled. I paid for a year's subscription the very first client meeting that I used the design software.

(... and 100+ more where those came from.)

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Well Hello There! We're Adrienne & Chris Scott.

We’re print sales experts, specializing in helping Shoot & Burn photographers make the switch to selling printed products. Our images, photography sales tools and photography sales training have been featured by Rangefinder Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, CreativeLive, Click Magazine, SLR Lounge and countless blogs, print labs and podcasts. We live in Colorado Springs with our two kids and our adopted dog, Todd.

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